Welcome To Bay City News Service On-lin

Welcome To Bay City News Service On-line

Bay City News Service is a regional, general-interest news wire service which operates 24 hours a day gathering information from in and around the greater San Francisco Bay area. The service, which was established in 1979, has a staff of more than 20 reporters working out of nine bureaus throughout the region. Bay City News provides a real-time news report delivered directly to media organizations, Internet sites, public relations firms and government agencies. The service feeds more than 90 newsrooms via a satellite, dedicated phone line, and Internet network.

For subscription rates and access information, contact:

Bay City News Service

One Kaiser Plaza, Suite 470
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 251-8100


Subscribers for whom satellite or phone line delivery is not feasible can select BCN's Internet-based report which can be delivered via e-mail or accessed by password on the World Wide Web at www.baycitynews.com.

Web site subscriptions include access to the four categories of information described below, plus the capability for a keyword search of the service's archives from 1997 to the present.

Web Site News Categories

             GENERAL NEWS
             LEGAL NEWS

A detailed description of each of these news groups follows:


The Bay City News Service Datebook is a listing and description of news events scheduled to take place in the San Francisco Bay area. It is not distributed to the public and is for the exclusive planning purposes of our media, government and business subscribers.

The types of events that typically appear on the Datebook are news conferences, visits by dignitaries, conventions, conferences, government meetings and court appearances.

The Datebook comes out in three forms:

  1. There is a week-long version called Looking Ahead which alerts assignment editors to upcoming news conferences, public appearances, meetings, court actions and the like.

  2. The Daily Datebook, which comes out each weekday afternoon with a list of events for the next day, is followed by a Segment II which carries items submitted too late for inclusion in the regular Datebook.

  3. Segment II, which moves shortly after midnight, also includes a Court Calendar listing major cases docketed for that day. The Datebook includes telephone contact numbers and each listing is double-checked for accuracy.

Datebook Advisories alert subscribers throughout the day to events that are scheduled on the spur of the moment, like a briefing during a disaster or a news conference about a developing news story.


This group contains the news service's complete file of San Francisco Bay region news stories, including news about court activity, police and fire emergencies, government meetings, visiting dignitaries, the environment, politics, commerce--the whole gamut of news from the region.


This section contains the service's extensive Leisure Log of regional entertainment opportunities, stage and musical performance reviews, and stories about exhibits.

The Leisure Log is published weekly in two batches, one early Sunday morning and the other early Monday morning. It is published a week in advance and covers a period of 10 days from Friday through two Sundays.

The Leisure Log is comprised of these 11 separate sections:

             KIDS EVENTS
             CLASSICAL MUSIC
             POPULAR MUSIC

Each of these sections is further divided by these geographic subheadings: North Bay, South Bay, the Peninsula, the East Bay, San Francisco and Out of the Area.

In addition, once a month, Bay City News On-line Options publishes an extensive listing of regularly scheduled TOURS AND ACTIVITIES which includes entries about walking and bicycle tours, a diverse selection of ongoing attractions, parks, theme parks, static museum exhibits and many other events.


This group contains stories describing the latest word on actions related to lawyers and the legal system.

Day-by-day, hour-by-hour subscribers can be informed about a variety of events, including lawsuits, sentencings, restraining orders, injunctions, hearings, appellate court rulings and jury verdicts.

Our sources include:

             U.S. District Court for Northern California (San Francisco)
             U.S. District Court for Northern California (San Jose)
             9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
             California Court of Appeal--First Appellate District
             California Court of Appeal--Sixth Appellate District
             California Supreme Court
             Municipal and Superior Courts
             U.S. Attorney's Office
             District attorneys
             Federal Bureau of Investigation
             U.S. Secret Service
             U.S. Marshal's Office
             U.S. Magistrates
             State Bar of California
             County bar associations
             Pacific Legal Foundation
             American Civil Liberties Union
             Public defenders

In addition, subscribers to the LEGAL group get access to a court calendar listing significant scheduled court and government events.


Other custom services are available upon request, including:

             A twice-daily fax or e-mail headline service;
             Custom category e-mail or fax delivery based on a keyword search

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